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TBH technik is a leader in the field of comprehensive services for industrial automation drives and mobile technology. At the same time, it is a fully certified contractual partner of the world leader in the field of control and drive technology and represents a reliable representative and supplier of respected German quality on the Slovak market.

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Discovery phase

Since we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we started the whole project with a thorough in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and defining the structure of the new website. The result was the visualization of the site structure and the subsequent creation of a prototype and design.

Multi-level menu structure

The most important part of the project was the processing of the client’s requirements for a multi-level menu structure, in order to facilitate navigation between different categories and products for visitors, and at the same time, its technical implementation was not unnecessarily complicated.

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There is a lot of work behind us

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The speed and functionality
of the websites are key for us.

As with other projects we have worked on, the speed and functionality of websites are our top priority.

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