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Website development

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Design first


A modern, clean and easily usable website is the key to a successful online business. We are designing presentations and e-shop websites including web applications with a top design. We always ensure the usability for your target group. We listen and take action. Our priority is to come up with a custom approach based on the individual needs and goals of our clients.

UX optimization

We are developing a modern online presentations for entrepreneurs with a unique design, UX optimization and functionality. Also you can boost the sale of your service or product. Our goal is to make sure that your visitors or clients will enjoy the experience of your products. After an immpresion we want them leave the website contented with the conversion they found and performed quickly.

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Then build


Most of our websites are developed in the WordPress system, which is the most used CMS solution globally. Clients like it due to its simple administration system and the possibility to manage web content without programming knowledge. However, our sites are always unique, as we prepare our own custom design for them. The design is also optimized for mobile devices so that the website is always perfect.


We optimize websites for all search engines, such as Google, Zoznam or Czech List. SEO consists of a large number of technically correct settings and the correct audit of keywords. The result is then visible for search engines, where the page appears in high positions when searching for certain phrases such as: “bookkeeping”. Google shows you 744,000 results for this highly competitive keyword phrase, and our TaxWise client is on the first page of results.

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& Maintain
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After launching the site, it’s always a good idea to keep the track of how your audience is using it, the traffic, and channels from which users are coming to your site. By evaluating these parameters you can adapt your communication and at the same time save some money on unnecessary marketing activities that do not bring in new customers.


Need to sell online?

Your customers need to be well oriented and satisfied with your eshop in order to be willing to spend their money. We have a great expierence with design and development of various e-shops and we will love to advise you how to choose the right solution for your products.

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