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Marketing strategy

We can help you to increase traffic, come up with a campaign, or increase the conversion of ppc ads thanks to seamless and clever graphics, whether on social media networks, google search or directly on your website.


There is nothing worse than a bad text. Well-styled texts will help your brand pop up and make a connection with your custommers. Differentiate yourself from the competition to sell your product or service in new experience.


PPC & Remarketing

We work with promotional applications that will make your company visible across the digital space. First lead with your new unknown client can be via a text, content or video ad. With ad targeting and setting keys parameters for your target audience, you have a better chance of closing a new lead. We will strategically set the advertising banners on the pages visited by your customers, constantly reminding and increasing awareness. about your brand Ads on the Internet can “chase” potential customers until they put the product in the shopping cart and send the order.

Newsletter campaigns

If you have database of your clients, and you want to send them daily news about your product. We can prepare your strategy of newsletters and add a great design to it too. Newsletter emails can be about a new type of service or a new product that you offer. A reminder of the activity you are organizing, notifications about changes of dates or places for events. Blog articles that you write and want to present them more professionally, in order to achieve better readability results. We also offer automated segmentation for specific audience.



We optimize websites for all search engines, such as Google, Zoznam or Czech List. SEO consists of a large number of technically correct settings and the correct audit of keywords. The result is then visible for search engines, where the page appears in high positions when searching for certain phrases such as: “bookkeeping”. Google shows you 744,000 results for this highly competitive keyword phrase, and our TaxWise client is on the first page of results.

Social media

Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? Linked In?

All of THEM? 

Social networks move mountains nowdays and we know it well. You need to present your brand and services and be in touch with your customers and clients. We are ready to prepare and create high quallity content and then manage and analyse all your important social networks accounts while maintaining your unique corporate identity.

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