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Mission begins

Curiosity is the best teacher, thanks to it we have set out on a mission- 10 years ago, in the digital world of a business. We were blown away by finding out about design, web design, online strategy, website development, education and photography, so basicly all things in this digital universe.

We gain experiences working in big companies, also smaller digital agencies and freelancers. As good feedbacks were coming from our clients we decided to expand as Digital agency Stella Digit, based in Žilina (Slovakia).

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Astronaut Stella Digit
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Still more to explore

Our team is getting bigger and has skills on high professional level, so we want to help with more upcoming clients to expand in digital universe, by providing our skills and knowledge of website development, graphic design, online marketing and photography. We are open to work for clients from all around the world.

Business partners

Mediamatika Logo

Mediamatika in its beginning was hustling for every pixel in the digital space, freelancing many sleepless nights, making logo more “refreshing“ and waiting for last changes on the website.