stella car

Although the name Stella Car may suggest that this brand is associated with our agency Stella Digit, the truth is that this is just a coincidence. But what is not a coincidence is that they chose us for the creation of their new website.

Stella Car is dedicated to the sale of new and lightly driven vehicles in excellent technical condition. That is why they rely on the high quality of their services, which cannot be otherwise even on their website.

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Child of two "Stellas"

As is our custom, an important element of the project is the design of the website, which is completely custom-made in order to stand out from the competition and at the same time meet all the client's requirements.

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Stellar functionality
and performance

Of course, we supplemented all the client’s requirements with our know-how in optimizing the speed and security of the entire website, so that it is not only functional, but also reliable and secure

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