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Martin is a fitness coach for women who have already tried almost everything, but still fail to achieve their dream goal.

Some clients even call him a guardian angel for weight loss or an external conscience.

“I help lose weight to women who master theory but don’t have the will and discipline.”

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The birth of a new website

Martin originally approached us because of the design changes to his old website, which he created himself and did not reach the quality he would expect. However, after a thorough technical and structural analysis, we agreed to create a completely new website, with which he will finally be satisfied.

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It’s about design

We have prepared a design for Martin’s website that combines modern and bold design and at the same time does not forget the target group. Due to the large number of texts on his website, we had to distinguish them in terms of design so that they were easy to read.

In the end, we created the whole website based on the design with regard to speed, security and responsiveness.

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