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Issue fixing

On every website there is an occasional inconvenience that needs to be dealt with. Whether it’s a broken update, an important security patch, or just a website that’s slowed down over time. Thanks to our many years of experience with Wordpress websites, we can easily deal with such things. Just contact us and we will solve them in a moment.

Custom development

Do you have an excellent idea in your head, how to improve your Wordpress website, but you haven’t found a solution anywhere? Maybe it doesn’t exist yet and needs to be custom-made. We will be happy to take a look at it together with you.

Function extensions

What if your website works perfectly, but its functionality is no longer sufficient for your requirements? Even in such a case, we can help you. We will extend the functionality of your Wordpress website like a breeze

Programming languages

Sometimes you just need to ask and get advice. We offer HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL programming skills to help you fix, extend or develop new features for your Wordpress website. Consultations over gold.

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WP Support

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How it works

  1. Leave us your contact info.
  2. We will make a call about your issue/request.
  3. We will give you recommendations and price.
  4. After your approval, we will carry out the agreed implementations.
  5. We will advise you on how to take further care of your website
  6. You will pay an invoice for our work.