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About PPH

PPH (Podnikání Pro Holky) as part of its services helps clients with their complex marketing strategy, social media, digital product creation, sales funnels and, last but not least, with automated processes that everyone, but literally every busy entrepreneur, will appreciate. In the case of PPH, mainly a businesswoman.

The founder of PPH is Markéta Baginská, who is an expert in social media, community creation, and online marketing

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Performance matters

Since PPH is a project focused on performance, we thought that it couldn’t be otherwise even from the website’s point of view.

Despite the fact that the website is quite complex and we had to deal with a lot of technical requirements that increased the complexity of the website for its optimization and speed, we managed it perfectly. GTmetrix Grade = A.

What we did for PPH?

This particular project was a challenge for us that we love. The client’s idea was quite clear after the initial meetings and finding out the requirements.

Our task was to create a website that would save her time when managing it, and most of the processes of uploading content to the website would be automated as much as possible.

At the same time, it will be easy to navigate for visitors and they will find all the information where they are looking for it. Also, the website had to be creative in order to stand out and not be boring.

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