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Mecom Group is a company that brings together several meat processing companies in Slovakia and Hungary, including the largest Slovak meat processing plant in Humenné.

“We are meat lovers. We believe that every morning can be better with a slice of sausage, a barbecue more fun with a frankfurter and a journey nicer with a slice of ham.”

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New is good

Mecom approached us with the creation of their new website, which is to replace the old one, which has not met the increasing demands for speed and security for a long time.

The overall design was taken care of by Wiktor Leo Burnett.

We love challenges

The biggest challenge for us was comprehensive, multi-level product filtration. The time of handing over the project was also approaching relatively quickly, as other marketing activities were linked to it. In the end, everything turned out well and we managed to deliver the website to the client’s satisfaction.

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