Karavan 365

Do you want to have an adventure? What could be better than going on a caravan trip. We definitely recommend trying such an adventure at least once. Our client is constantly expanding its offer.
Reservation system
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Logo design and name

The first step of cooperation with Karavan365 was the create of the name and creation of the logo.

Logo – Horizontal version

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Logo – Vertical version

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Logo – Vertical version

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Logo – Horizontal version

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Reservation system

As part of the website, we also developed a full-fledged reservation system. An important task was to choose the right solution that would also suit the clients. 

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The website is custom-made, thanks to which customers have a quick and necessary reservation process.

karavan365 desktop bar
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Product photos

Social media and product photography go hand in hand. On the website you can also view complete exterior and interior photographed caravans. There are also life style photos that were used in advertisements.


Our cooperation did not end with the delivery of the website. We also strengthened the brand in the online space. We solve the client’s strategy and manage social media.

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Speed ​​and functionality are key for us.

Our goal is for visitors to our sites to feel comfortable and quickly find what they are looking for.


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