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HEAD Studio

HEAD Studio is a modern and dynamic studio that builds on high-quality design and implementation of constructions.

Housing solutions represent a fundamental moment in the life of each of us, therefore, when building a home, they like to pass on their experience, which will help fulfill and realize their clients’ ideas about a high-quality and practical family home

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Graphic design

Since HEAD Studio is an architecture and design studio and part of their profession is design itself, they had a fairly clear idea of how their new website should look. 

The previous website was not representative enough for them and did not meet their requirements. Therefore, our task was to create a design that will be clear, fresh and will make a pleasant impression on their clients. 

In addition, we also photographed the premises of their office in Žilina and people from the company in order to avoid using materials from photobanks.

Build a website like a house

A digital agency like us and architects like HEAD Studio have a lot in common professionally. That is also why we proceeded in the same way when building a website as when building a house. First you need to create a solid foundation, then the rough construction, the roof and finally the details. The result is a high-quality and compact website that meets all requirements.

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Performance matters

As is our custom at Stella Digit, the website created for HEAD Studio also meets our high demands for website loading speed, stability and security. As part of the long-term management of the website, we therefore continue to ensure that the website is still in the same condition as when we handed it over.