Habesh is a Slovak brand of Ethiopian coffee. We collaborated with the founder Martin, to kickstart his new brand identity.

habesh label

Duration: 4 months

Service: Eshop, Brand redesign, Marketing

Old brand

Before our collaboration, the Habesh brand lacked a cohesive visual identity and was not attractive to new customers. The state of the e-shop and the visual design of the website did not correspond with the values and activities of the Habesh brand.

Old logo

habesh old 01
habesh label small

Old packaging

habesh old 02


The goal of the project was to bring a new wind without major changes to the logo of the brand, which is already quite well-known locally.

What did we create for the client? See a detailed case study.

Brand update
New packaging
Brand manual

Collaboration in numbers

Hours of research


Page audit


Brand workshop


Hours of work

0 +


For a quality outcome, we needed to conduct detailed research on the Habesh brand and Ethiopian culture.


To understand the brand and develop a better concept for the new branding, we started by creating mood boards.

habesh research desktop min
research mobile min

Brand workshop

To better understand the functioning of the Habesh brand, we held a 4-hour workshop and went through all the visions and values ​​of the Habesh brand together.

Subtle logo update

The brand’s logo is well-known, so we decided on a partial redesign of the text element, which previously lacked distinction. The new bold typography was subsequently used as one of the brand elements.

original logo

Variant loga - Original

Variant loga - Bonrich

bonrich logo

Variant loga - Hobeaux

hobeaux logo

Variant loga - Roc Grotesk - Condensed ExtraBold

roc grotesk logo

Variant loga - Roc Grotesk - Bold

roc grotesk bold logo

Variant loga - Roc Grotesk - Compressed ExtraBold

roc grotesk compressed logo

Brand colors

In the redesign, we created a new color system that is very vibrant and better reflects the brand’s values.

Farby – primary

colors primary
colors primary mobile

Farby – secondary

colors secondary
colors secondary mobile


The new brand required a change in the main communication element. For the mentioned typographic update of the logo, we used the Bonrich font. As a complementary or secondary font, we chose Roc Grotesk due to its wide range of weights.

Typografia – primary


Typografia – secondary

roc grotesk

Patterns & badges​

Once we prepared the color scheme and typography, the only thing left was to create a visual element that the brand could use across various materials, making it instantly memorable.

pattern 1
pattern 2
pattern 3
pattern 4
pattern 5

Patterns & badges

Brand in practice

After creating the new foundations of the brand, it didn’t just stay with the visualizations, but we started to put the new brand into practice, as the first big challenge was to redesign the packaging of the main product, namely the coffee packaging.

​​Each coffee received its own color from the newly created brand palette. Combined with the brand pattern and new typography, the coffee packaging acquired a fresh new look, which the client was very satisfied with.

original min

The first packaging concepts - Original

The first packaging concepts - Guadeňa

guadena min

The first packaging concepts - Sleep well

sleep well min

Final packaging design

The main task was distinctiveness and easy memorability, and we succeeded in creating new packaging. The goal was to incorporate Ethiopia, the origins of Habesh coffee, into the visuals, which was achieved.

01 exclusive

Package - Exclusive

Package - Werka

02 werka

Package - Sleep well

04 sleep well

Package - Fifty - fifty

08 fifty fifty

Package - Offiska

09 offiska

Package - Guadeňa

06 guadena

Package - Aricha adorsi

03 aricha adorsi

Package - Original

05 original

Package - Aricha

07 aricha

New slogans​

Slogans that are easy to remember are also important for the brand. We created 3 brand slogans for the client, which were also used for offline graphics.

poster 1

Poster 1

Poster 2

poster 2

Poster 3

poster 3

In addition to product design, we also looked at other materials:

Brand manual

We combined everything and created a clear brand manual for the client.
habesh brand guidlines

Eshop homepage

Brand manual – Brand core

habesh core

Brand manual – Who we are? 

habesh who we are

Brand manual – Pillars of brand communication

habesh comunication

Eshop design and development

The client had a request to create a customized e-shop that would reflect the uniqueness of the products and provide a seamless shopping process.

The result? We successfully completed the mission. This project shows our ability to create tailor-made e-commerce solutions. Thanks to the cooperation, we transformed an outdated e-shop into a modern and unique one.

habesh sk min

Eshop homepage

Eshop – shopping cart

habesh mobile

Eshop – about us

about us

Speed ​​and functionality are key for us.

Our goal is for visitors to our sites to feel comfortable and quickly find what they are looking for.


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Something extra

In addition to the brand and the new e-shop, we also helped the client with a marketing strategy in the online space, the design of PPC banners, filming videos about Ethiopian coffee, and short advertising spots as part of a successful collaboration.

PPC banner 1

extra 1 min

PPC banner 2

extra 2 min
extra 3 min

PPC banner 3

extra 4 min

PPC banner 4