Podnikaní pro holky

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About PPH PPH (Podnikání Pro Holky) as part of its services helps clients with their complex marketing strategy, social media, digital product creation, sales funnels and, last but not least, with automated processes that everyone, but literally every busy entrepreneur, will appreciate. In the case of PPH, mainly a businesswoman. The founder of PPH is […]


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About HEAD Studio HEAD Studio is a modern and dynamic studio that builds on high-quality design and implementation of constructions. Housing solutions represent a fundamental moment in the life of each of us, therefore, when building a home, they like to pass on their experience, which will help fulfill and realize their clients’ ideas about […]


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About ORiWiN ORIWIN is a company that helps its clients make the most of information systems through the digitization of business processes, primarily through automation, integration and mobility. Their goal is to remove paperwork from company processes in order to save time, money and help protect the environment. ORIWIN website Performance matters Our goal is […]

Baťova architektúra

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NATURALISTA The NATURALISTA civic association was established as an association of culturally and environmentally-minded people who were thinking about a change in artistic and ecological life in the vicinity of Poprad, Svit and the High Tatras. The founders of the civic association NATURALISTA are Tatiana Dučaiová and Lucia Matušíková. The Baťa’s ArchitekTÚRA The Baťa ArchitectTÚRA […]

Martin Toth

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martintoth.me Martin is a fitness coach for women who have already tried almost everything, but still fail to achieve their dream goal. Some clients even call him a guardian angel for weight loss or an external conscience. “I help lose weight to women who master theory but don’t have the will and discipline.” The birth […]


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mecom.sk Mecom Group is a company that brings together several meat processing companies in Slovakia and Hungary, including the largest Slovak meat processing plant in Humenné. “We are meat lovers. We believe that every morning can be better with a slice of sausage, a barbecue more fun with a frankfurter and a journey nicer with […]


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pohodka.store Thanks to the Pohodka service, you will have your body care accessories available whenever you need them, at the same time you will lose the worries associated with regular shopping and you can thus have more time for yourself, your loved ones. “Our mission is a more comfortable life. “ Chill out Our klinet […]

B10 akadémia

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B10 B10 is the leader on the Slovak real estate market. They offer a wide selection of real estate – buying, selling and renting properties, all in one place in the their real estate center. B10 real estate agency covers all the largest cities in Slovakia. A good real estate agency is made up of […]


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Accai.sk Accai is a unique online solution that includes a free invoicing tool, open banking, automated real-time accounting combined with interactive reporting, all using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence. In addition to a large number of useful functions, it brings clients several important benefits that differentiate the most successful entrepreneurs from others – it saves […]

Bright Ideas

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Bright Ideas Bright Ideas company is a leader in the establishment and changes of companies in Slovakia. Since 2012, Bright ideas have been working on the establishment of new companies in Slovakia. In 2015, based on high demand, they added the service of buying ready-made companies. Talking numbers 250 sold ready-made companies 450 VAT registrations […]


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TaxWise TaxWise s.r.o. is one of the most growing accountant companies in Slovakia. They provide services for over 400 businesses such as accounting, tax consulting, including company registrations for VAT payers, wage processing and related services. Benefits The main advantage of the company is flexible accounting, where you only pay for what you invoice during […]