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Be Lenka is Slovak manufacturer of premium barefoot shoes, ergonomic baby carriers and scarves.

We have been helping BeLenka with marketing materials since their beginnings. Graphic design of banners, product photography, visualization of new barefoot models and ergonomic baby carriers.

Nowadays BeLenka ships their product in 5 countries in Europe and they are planning to expand their market for more products and models.

Belenka Billboard 1 V3
Bannery Belenka

Graphic design

We created a series of google ads banners in needed sizes for different products as well as many other marketing assets such as website banners, roll-ups and brochures.

Belenka Hero Desktop

Product photography

We shot and we are still shooting product photos of different BeLenka products.

More product photos of ergonomic baby carriers

Creative photography

We were lucky to take some creative photos of BeLenka barefoot shoes for launching new models

Belenka Creative photo pink shoe
Belenka Creative photo - yellow shoes
Belenka Creative photo shoe
Belenka Creative photo of yellow shoes
Belenka Creative photo - navy shoes
Belenka Creative photo - yellow shoes
belenka creative 13 replaced
Belenka Creative photo - army shoes
Belenka Creative photo shoe