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The NATURALISTA civic association was established as an association of culturally and environmentally-minded people who were thinking about a change in artistic and ecological life in the vicinity of Poprad, Svit and the High Tatras. The founders of the civic association NATURALISTA are Tatiana Dučaiová and Lucia Matušíková.

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The Baťa’s ArchitekTÚRA

The Baťa ArchitectTÚRA project focuses on the industrial and architectural heritage, which is an important genius loci of the town of Svit, as well as its creator Tomáš Baťa, all through visual art because art and culture play an important role in shaping society and values.

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Tomáš Baťa and Svit

Our goal was to create a simple and at the same time creative website that will offer website visitors an online tour through the most important parts of the town of Svit, where the important manuscript of Tomáš Baťa can be seen.

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