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Accai is a unique online solution that includes a free invoicing tool, open banking, automated real-time accounting combined with interactive reporting, all using state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence.

In addition to a large number of useful functions, it brings clients several important benefits that differentiate the most successful entrepreneurs from others - it saves money, displays data in real time, saves time and manages receivables. notebook


The first step in our cooperation with Accai was to choose a suitable color scheme that would reflect the direction and values ​​of the company. The creation of a modern logo was a matter of course, which simply differs from the competition. We created the logo in two color versions corresponding to the color schemes.

accai branding blue
accai branding dark colors
accai branding light colors
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As part of the cooperation, we created several series of different versions of banners for long-term PPC advertising. We prepare videos mainly in the form of animations for Accai youtube channel. Our cooperation also includes ongoing consultations on marketing activities that are currently underway or are planned for the future.

banner pre facebook accai 1 replaced
banner pre facebook accai 2 replaced
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Landing page

The Landing page with clear and understandable content was also a high priority for us. Potential clients always need to receive only the information that is relevant to them, so we created and set up different versions of the Landing page for different visitors based on their previous activity.

accai performance


Our main job with UX and UI settings and optimizations of the Accai dashboard was to provide users of the application the right information and buttons where they would find them intuitively, and at the same time to make it as easy as possible for them to use Accai’s new advanced features. All this, of course, based on a pre-created design manual.

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We are satisfied with the result of our work only if our client is also satisfied. As we succeeded and were able to materialize the ideas and needs of our client Accai, we consider this cooperation to be successful. You can learn more about Accai and the results of our work on the Accai website.